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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snippet–between Jake and Clarice…

Here’s a little snippet from page 63, where Jake (channeling his great-great-great grandfather Sherlock), responds to Clarice (his associate), about why they are parked in front of the Leo Burris home (who now is a suspect in the case).
“…“QUIET, please” he snapped. “I realize your anxiety at the arrival of Epic 8, knowing his saturnine history with the criminal element, et al, yet, as you well know from past ventures, he compliments our inquiry of sordid villains with his unique, hasty manner and bold technique...both most circumspect to this present inquiry. You’re angst is well noted, nonetheless, I must ask your indulgence of Epic 8’s introduction to the case – no one cuts through bureaucracy like his noble self, moreover, the occasion requires it. Additionally, what you fail to comprehend my dear Darby is that our Mr. Burris’ involvement in this case engenders more complexity than you credit him. You failed to notice the ‘black rook’ pendant attached to his shirt pocket during our interview…this medal ornament obviously connotes membership or station relative to some chess fraternity – his backyard game reveal him playing chess not checkers. Chess! Dear Darby, a game requiring long-term strategic thinking coming from a mind of complexity and cognitive capacity...not an aged, tired and minimalistic maintenance worker. Secondly, you missed Mr. Burris’ pronounced eyelid flutter when speaking to his daughter, a sure sign of either heightened anxiety on his part or perhaps some arcane method of communicating with his daughter, or both. Thirdly, dear Watson…ur, Darby, there exist traces of white powdery substance on the back porch steps upon which we set during said interview, possibly if not probable from similar residue found in the alleyway where concrete drilling occurred on the back walls of the 2nd Precinct building. All observations, however minute, causing me to travel here, to the Burris’ home, where clues suggest the case foundation lies, not in the attempted assassination of Detective Jones, who may very well have discovered inconsistencies on his own resulting in his being here, near where the shooting occurred…and that my faithful chronicler should answer your question as to why we’re…”
“Okay, okay, give me a break and just so you know I’m not writing any of this stuff down. You forget sometimes…no chronicling going on here, OKAY?”
So, there you have it. The passage tried to capture the essence of the noted Sherlock Holmes in my own imagined (and researched) way of how he spoke, conveying his indefinable manner.
What do you think?
Regards, Henry H.H. Hittlebloome, Author
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