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Thursday, February 2, 2012

‘New’ Character Happens! “FREE” Saturday 1/4/12


  The ‘New’ Revised Edition of the Character Happens! book will be free this Saturday.

  This one-day-only-sale means you can go to Amazon and download the ebook to your ereader or  PC. Here are a couple links to speed things up.

  Amazon link:

  Whether you like golf or not, you might find this ‘character’ book a fun read.

  Here’s a link to secure software from Amazon if you want to read ebooks on your PC. It’s called ‘Kindle for PC’ (you should download this software first prior to downloading the book)

  Amazon’s software, Kindle for PC

Thanks for your support. Please pass this info along to your family and friends, whom you think may like the book.

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