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Friday, March 16, 2012

‘Character Happens!’ – Amazon’s #1 FREE Golf Book


Wow! One day in Amazon’s free category and my personal development book, ‘Character Happens!’ shoots to number ONE.

If you haven’t got your copy yet, you have until midnight Sunday, 3/18/12, to capture this book, FREE.

The book has a golf storyline…but it’s about character. And virtue.

Sooooo, jump on it, now. Maybe you know someone who loves golf, or someone who needs to rediscover those important core values.

Anyway, THANKS for your support of ‘Character Happens!’

Here’s a link for those who’ve yet to acquire this book.

Many Regards, Garry M Graves

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

‘Character Happens!’ FREE this Friday, Saturday & Sunday

This coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday (3/16-18/12), you can download the complete eBook, ‘Character Happens! How Golf Teaches You (and your children) About—Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Humility,’ free from Amazon.

After the 3-day FREE OFFER, the book will revert to its normal price of $2.99.


The book is about character, perhaps more specifically the fleeting nature of character, as I see it. Some individuals believe that in previous or older times a decent character was more prevalent, more recognizable. They say today’s environment, with the hustle-bustle, dog-eat-dog economy, the majority of people are two wrapped up in their own lives to display (or care about), decent character. Don’t believe it!

From a decent amount of research on the subject I’ve found little difference between present day and the older times (like the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s), relative to an individual’s virtuous make up, no matter how hard I tried to make the distinction. Character Happens! focuses on 5 character traits or virtues: Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Compassion and Humility. My research resulted in the selection of these virtues specifically from among the hundred or so other virtues commonly known, as they are widely accepted as chief traits of individuals, publicly recognized, as decent people.

HOWEVER…and that’s a big however...being recognized as a virtuous person doesn’t mean that their entire lives are influenced in such a way as to be ‘character-driven’ (with deeds and actions), all the time (24/7). Nature (living life), has a way of influencing decision-making, in ways which we are not always aware. Now that’s not a bad thing necessarily, but we surely need to be aware of this ‘fleeting’ influence (paradigm, cognition, preponderance), contained in all of us.

The book doesn’t prescribe any magic formula or process relative to character development. It only asks you to make your decisions carefully, with consideration of others. Not just your own self-interest. The book is written around a golf storyline, making it more digestible in my mind. So…if you think you’d like a book like this, now’s your chance to get it FREE!

Here’s a link to make it easier to get. Remember, you can read eBooks on your PC, your phone, tablet or ereader. Amazon has all the ‘free’ software to make it happen. 

Thanks for listening, Garry M Graves, Author

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