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Friday, October 25, 2013

Any writers out there? Any wannabee’s?

Mel Gibson Ransom  The second case in ‘The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade,’ (it’s called ABANDONED recently changed from FORBIDDEN), has a storyline or premise around kidnapping. Sooo, the narrative will contain some interesting plot twists and hopefully a thesis going beyond what a reader might normally expect in a kidnapping crime story. You know – the typical money drop and police involvement, the boring-scripted ending where the victim is found and the perp is caught just in time. And yes, I’m aware of the Mel Gibson twist where he refuses to pay the ransom, in the movie by that name (Ransom). I’m just wondering – is there any other kidnapping plot schemes that haven’t been thought of in a crime story? Have any in mind?

  Now comes the second reason for this blog entry. From reading one of my favorite writers (who also commands a incredible audience on his blog), JA Konrath, has given me an idea about soliciting a ‘participant’ in the story’s writing. Participant meaning: he asks other writers to contribute a follow-up story to one of his already published books where he adds, deletes, and somewhat massages the contributed story with his own input, knowledge and critical eye…making a total book offering to be published. Naturally, they both co-author the book and sales royalty. It’s really a godsend to an aspiring writer…to be co-authored with an established writer like Konrath, with his name recognition and following. James Patterson does this all the time.

  Okay…you get where I’m coming from?

  Am I wanting a co-author for ABANDONED? No. My writing (or ego) is not at a point where I could ask someone to co-author with me (my author-name commands little reader recognition). However, I am offering someone (or more than one) the opportunity to be a part of my next project: ‘Case Two – ABANDONED.’ Being a part of the story means: me accepting your storyline contribution (however small) resulting in your name being included in the acknowledgements as a contributor. That’s it! Sounds exciting huh? Thought so.

  Seriously, if you are interested in participating or want to hear more specifics about participating, then either email me at: garrymgraves at gmail dot com or leave a comment here or on Facebook. Also, should you have any keen sensitivities, insight, imagination, etcetera, etcetera, about this ‘participating-author’ idea or the book’s premise…then please elaborate via the below comment section. It’s always fun, and informative, reading what others think.

  Thanks for dropping by and please come again.

Many Regards, Henry H.H. Hittlebloome, Author, ‘The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade’ series.

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