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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pictures or Not?

666 15th2

  The residence of Jake and his associate/chronicler, Clarice Darby, is 666 15th Street, in Detroit, Michigan. Having the address expressed in the storyline sorta picks up on Sherlock’s 221B Baker Street address premise. At least, that is the thought process the reader should glean from the Jake Spade narrative.

  The picture pasted here is the actual address of the ‘nondescript building’ portrayed in ‘FORGIVEN,’ the first case in the series. It’s located in the bowels of inner-city Detroit, near the Ambassador Bridge and the river where Jake swims on occasion. The surrounding area is rugged, nasty and dangerous…just the way he likes it.

  Have been wondering whether or not to include any, maybe a half dozen or so, pictures into the narrative of the book. It’s not done much (putting pictures in a novel), but, it would break the reading up, as there are no chapter’s in this novella length book (novella = what they call something less [in word count] than a novel, but more than a short story). Anyway, the pictures would be grey-scale, like this building picture.

  What do you think? Include pictures or not?

Regards, Henry H.H. Hittlebloome, Author, The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade.  


  1. I read a lot of non-fiction, and I always enjoy the pictures. Why not try it in a novel? Yes, I think you should.

  2. It makes sense that individual readers will 'reap what they will,' from a picture. Keeping the number of pictures small (only six) hopefully, will not deter but add to the story. Some have captions or descriptions, others do not. Have placed the pic's just after what was written in the story, hopefully adding to the readers imagery. Anxious to see how 'pictures in a novel' is received
    Thanks for your comments Carl. Maybe I could send you a story .pdf so you could see how the pictures look throughout the narrative. Again, Thanks.


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