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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

‘The Interview’ – Jake Spade style…


  Have come to a point in the story, ‘The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade, Case #1 FORGIVEN,” where Jake, his associate/chronicler Clarice Darby, and a few irregulars, have captured two perp’s and are interviewing them in the basement of home base, 666 15th.     

  Some critical information was acquired utilizing the teams teeter-totter and the ‘hydroponic play area,’ aided by a few harmless snakes…but now Jake and Company seek a more complete, descriptive narrative from the perp’s, something requiring more than a yes or no answer. Soooo, next in the interview process they introduce Max and Joanie, two 2XL Bullmastiffs. Naturally, the perp’s began to talk.

  The freelance investigative team of Jake Spade, Clarice Darby and ‘the irregulars,’ have always been sought primarily for their methods, their ‘way’ if you will. Their way consists of a combination of; quickness, agility, technology, persuasive technique, and incredible deductive reasoning. The poor, disenfranchised population, Jakes primary client, along with most of the law-enforcement types, love their methods…their results.

  Jakes great-great-great grandfather, Sherlock, would be proud. Bullmastiff16montholdbrindledoodoo

Look for, ‘The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade, Case #1 FORGIVEN,’ coming this Spring, 2013. Exclusively Amazon Ebook, $0.99.

Henry H.H. Hittlebloome

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