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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another ‘Jake Spade’ snippet…

SGM1400BE_Bionic Ear_parabolic_dish

   Thought I’d drop a little something about the progress of the thriller piece, ‘The Mystery Maxims of Jake Spade, Case #1 – Forgiven.’ 

   Well, here it is.

   It seems, from this specific point in the story, (maybe 75% through), Jake and Darby (his modern-day Dr. Watson character [like Lucy Liu in Elementary]), are on a stakeout using these ‘reach out and touch me’ earphones [parabolic hearing amplifiers shown above], listening to the perps conversation going on inside a house some distance away. It’s after midnight and as you know, ‘nothing good happens after midnight,’ sooooo, as the story continues…Darby is upset when Epic 8 [one of Jake’s irregular team members] shows up at the stakeout – Darby knowing full well 8’s history and predisposition of torturing people to make them talk – whispers in Jakes ear…

“What the hell is he doing here? Who invited him? What are you gonna do Jake?”

“Calm yourself counselor! [Darby was an attorney in a previous career] You know how readily 8 gets to the point…time requires his services.”

If my pen and morbid imagination have anything to say about the outcome of this scene [and they most assuredly do], it doesn’t look good for the perps. hehe.

Anyway, this case is reaching it’s finale, the important last 5000 words. That’s not to say the first 5000 words are crap, they’re not. And, the 20,000 words in between really set the stage, so it’s all good. Jake has a lot of clues to tie together, lot’s of plot twists to unfurl and maybe even some, okay one, big surprise revelation. Huh! Yes, I said BIG!

So, stay tuned. Or, tune in. You should enjoy this little read [novella length, between 20-25K words and it’s price, $.99], the first in a series. I know I have had a wonderful time [that’s a lie], writing it.

All for now, your writer pal, HHHH.

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