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Friday, March 7, 2014

Author sells cheap…

  All my books (there’s only three), sell for $0.99 at Amazon (exclusively). Some friends have asked, ‘why don’t you sell your books for a higher price?’ Well, there are several reasons, but the two that I respond with most often are: 1) Ebook’s are unlike print books…they cost less to publish, and 2) I’m an unknown author, so, until I’ve written several books with many loyal followers the selling price will remain low.

  In case you didn’t know, I’m a part-time writer...not doing this as a means of financial support. My business, doing well since 1991, keeps my family clothed, sheltered and fed quite well. So, I write for the mere enjoyment of creating a story that other people might like. Not all my stories have wide reader appeal. No author has that. Not Patterson, not Roberts and not even Grisham, to my surprise. They even get 1 star reviews like me.

  Speaking of reviews…most authors love reviews. Some don’t care, those typically are the rich ones. A common belief or ‘authors policy’ heard around the writers circles is; ‘don’t believe the one star reviews and DON’T believe the five star reviews’. Personally, I like all reviews. So, if you have read my books, any of the three, then take a few moments and post a review on Amazon. (Never written a review? Here’s some help).


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